(Left to right): Tolga Sanli (Drums), Genosix (DJ), Kerem Dincer (Vocals), Barbaros Pakar (Bass), Feyzi Ocak (Guitars)

What is TEC ?  Yes,

it appears like a question, but is it really ? Maybe it is an answer, carrying meaning hidden from sore eye. Nevertheless, lets breakdown what do we know about this “WHAT is TEC” so far.They appear like another metal band formed by 5 members of human species. All of them are currently residing in Istanbul/TURKEY. What an interesting place to start such journey. Exotic, yes. That is the word. Those lands have seen clash of many cultures. “WHAT is TEC ?” might be the answer for all conflicts about culture blend. But no, the context couldn’t be this simple. Its members have been in many different projects in their country. Projects of different music genres, not necessarily “Metal” only but “Electronic” too. They have a DJ. That is bold. All of them have proved themselves over the years in the Turkish Metal Scene and now they are together, “WHAT is TEC ?” might be the answer for questions like “What is a roof ? or What is a family ?”

In 2019, things are not that pretty political-wise in Turkey, can’t really call it a bed of roses. But what the hell, who is expecting roses anyway. Since the 2002 with the wining of a religious/conservative party, it became harder and harder each day for every individual to express themselves in any aspect of art. But yes, more you push it down, harder it will urge to come out. “WHAT is TEC ?” aims to become one of the ambassadors of this culture and the stance of this anti-oppression and freedom. You cannot silence people.

They have shot 2 video clips for 2 of their songs which were released as Single. “Rain Planet” and “Legacy”. They have worked with Tony Lindgren from Fascinationstreet Studios.

Rain Planet :

Legacy :

In 2019 they have gave their first big live show as opener for biggest Festival by date named

“Rock Off ‘19”. Stage was for 30 mins, 6 songs were played and the feedbacks after the show were way more greater than expected, since it was their first appearance, and once again it has shown the band the hunger of the Metal Scene in Turkey.

Legacy (Live Rock Off ’19) :

Now its time for a new journey. GENODIFIED!

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